1544 Miles to Omaha Podcast – Episode 25: Paul Fiarkoski – Author of Romancing the Blatt

Paul Fiarkoski is the author of the book “Romancing the Blatt: Memoir of a Love Affair with Omaha’s Field of Dreams.

Paul joins Dave for a conversation remembering the iconic stadium where Cal State Fullerton played 16 of its 18 College World Series in and the site where all four national championships were won.

Listeners will learn of the history of the College World Series, Rosenblatt Stadium and its ultimate demise and how the event has since moved to the new downtown ballpark. Paul shares the unique experiences Rosenblatt had to offer while touching on how Cal State Fullerton’s imprint will be forever felt for those that knew “the Blatt”.

▶️ Buy the book on Amazon
▶️ Visit Paul’s website: romancingtheblatt.com
▶️ Follow @rememberblatt on Twitter

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