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2019 Cal State Omaha Poll – Week 11

We missed the Week 10 poll due to traveling back from Hawaii. Why not just do a Week 11 which means there will be more drastic changes over a two week period than just week to week.

  • UCLA and Oregon State hold steady and 1 & 2
  • NC State, TCU and Auburn drop out
  • West Virginia, Baylor and Miami enter the poll
  • UC Santa Barbara dropped big time while Arkansas makes the biggest climb

Records are through games completed April 29th.

1. UCLA: 34-7 (week 9 ranking 1)
In the month of April, Bruins are 14-2 and currently on a five game win streak.
2. Oregon State: 31-10-1 (week 9 ranking 2)
Despite dropping two mid-week games to Nevada-Reno, Beavers keep running through Pac-12 opponents like hot knife through butter
3. Vanderbilt: 34-9 (week 9 ranking 4)
Beat Indiana State, swept Alabama on the road and swept Auburn to stay undefeated for two weeks.
4. Stanford: 31-7 (week 9 ranking 3)
Split two Pac-12 series to lower tier conference teams and the Cardinal drop a notch.
5. Arkansas: 34-11 (week 9 ranking 14)
Swept Mississippi State and Tennessee and the Hogs make a big jump.
6. Texas Tech: 29-13 (week 9 ranking 11)
Won the series vs. Baylor and swept the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Red Raiders looking to go to Omaha two years in a row.
7. East Carolina: 33-11 (week 9 ranking 8)
Swept a pretty good UConn team and went 2-1 vs. Tulane to get a small bump in the rankings.
8. Mississippi State: 36-9 (week 9 ranking 5)
Swept by Arkansas but then recovers to sweep Georgia. Getting swept by the Hogs drops the Bulldogs a few notches.
9. North Carolina: 27-10 (week 9 ranking 15)
Swept Boston College, beat Coastal Carolina mid-week and took 2-of-3 from Virginia and the Heels start showing the grit we expected early in the season.
10. Georgia: 33-12 (week 9 ranking 6)
Swept Missouri but UGA is currently in a four game losing streak and look vulnerable.
11. LSU: 29-16 (week 9 ranking 12)
Split vs. Florida and Alabama and the Tigers move up one.
12. Arizona State: 32-10 (week 9 ranking 9)
The Sun Devils have come back down to earth after a hot start. Losing to Utah and losing the series to Washington drops ASU.
13. Texas A&M: 30-15-1 (week 9 ranking 10)
Splitting vs. South Carolina and getting swept at Ole Miss drops the Aggies.
14. UC Santa Barbara: 32-7 (week 9 ranking 7)
Swept UC Davis but dropped 2-of-3 to UC Riverside and the Gauchos have disappeared from the regional hosting conversation.
15. Michigan: 31-11 (week 9 ranking 18)
Swept Northwestern and Rutgers and the Wolverines remain relevant in the rankings.
16. Florida State: 28-15 (week 9 ranking 16)
Splitting vs. UVa on the road and Wake Forest at home keeps the Seminoles at 16.
17. Louisville: 35-9 (week 9 ranking 22)
The Cardinals looking strong entering May with a split with Miami and sweeping Alabama A&M.
18. Clemson: 25-11 (week 9 ranking 13)
Swept by Duke and losing 2-of-3 to Georgia Tech and the Tigers tumble.
19. Ole Miss: 30-15 (week 9 ranking 19)
Swept Texas A&M but lost 2-of-3 vs. Auburn
20. Georgia Tech: 30-14 week 9 ranking 20)
Split vs. Clemson and Virginia Tech and the Yellow Jackets hanging tough.
21. Miami (Fla): 31-14 (week 9 ranking unranked)
After a two year hiatus of missing the postseason, the Hurricanes are coming back to form.
22. Tennessee: 31-14 (week 9 ranking 17)
Swept Kentucky at home but got swept on the road at Arkansas.
23. Baylor: 30-12 (week 9 ranking unranked)
The Bears are now healthy and playing up to their potential.
24. West Virginia: 26-15 (week 9 ranking unranked)
Many pundits whispering there could be a regional host in Morgantown.
25. Missouri 30-15-1 (week 9 ranking 24)
Swept at Georgia but returned home to sweep South Carolina.

Dropped out:
NC State: 33-12 (week 9 ranking 21)
Lost 2-of-3 to both Wake Forest and Notre Dame and the Wolfpack’s hot start seems to be fizzling down the stretch.

TCU: 23-19 (week 9 ranking 23)
Frogs have lost eight of their last nine games.

Auburn: 27-17 (week 9 ranking 25)
Swept by Vanderbilt and the Tigers drop out after barely hanging on two weeks ago at No. 25.

Others on the verge of breaking in. (Alphabetical order)
Illinois, Indiana, Indiana State, Liberty, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulane

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