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2019 Cal State Omaha Poll – Week 13

Getting closer to conference tournaments and regional selection day. More movement in the Cal State Omaha poll than in recent weeks. Some highlights:

  • Top 6 remain unchanged
  • UC Santa Barbara moves into the top 10
  • Miami, Baylor and Oklahoma State make big moves
  • Illinois debuts while Clemson drops out

Records are through games completed May 12th.

1. UCLA: 41-8 (Last week ranked 1)
Staying undefeated last week keeps the Bruins on top.
2. Vanderbilt: 41-10 (Last week ranked 2)
Won the Missouri series and beat Louisville in the mid-week
3. Stanford: 37-9 (Last week ranked 3)
Won the Cal series at Berkeley and faces huge test this weekend hosting Oregon State
4. Texas Tech: 34-14 (Last week ranked 4)
Bye weekend for the Red Raiders and TTU holds steady
5. Arkansas: 39-13 (Last week ranked 5)
Won two of three vs. LSU at home over the weekend
6. East Carolina: 36-11 (Last week ranked 6)
Beat UNC mid-week and clinched the conference by beating Wichita State two of three on the road.
7. Mississippi State: 42-10 (Last week ranked 8)
Swept Ole Miss on the road in Oxford
8. Georgia: 36-15 (Last week ranked 7)
Mid-week loss to Jacksonville State and won two out of three at Auburn
9. UC Santa Barbara: 32-7 (Last week ranked 11)
Swept Long Beach State and have won nine in a row.
10. Oregon State: 33-15-1 (Last week ranked 10)
Won two of three vs. arch rival Oregon in Eugene but not enough to move the Beavers up.
11. North Carolina: 34-12 (Last week ranked 9)
Lost three of their last four including two at Pitt this past weekend
12. Miami (Fla): 36-15 (Last week ranked 20)
Won both weekend games with Wake Forest to move up.
13. Oklahoma State: 30-17 (Last week ranked 23)
Beat arch rival Oklahoma two out of three and have big test with Baylor coming up this week.
14. Baylor: 32-13 (Last week ranked 22)
Bye week for the Bears and they move up by virtue of all the rest in front of them moving down
15. Georgia Tech: 35-154 Last week ranked 19)
Won two of three vs. Duke and the Jackets move up slightly due to those in front of them falling
16. Texas A&M: 34-18-1 (Last week ranked 16)
Aggies couldn’t sweep Alabama, the last place team in the SEC and do not move up or down
17. Louisville: 40-12 (Last week ranked 14)
Losing two of three to Virginia will not help your case in staying in the top 15.
18. LSU: 31-21 (Last week ranked 15)
Losing two of three to Arkansas is not that bad but losing to Louisiana Tech mid-week is unacceptable
19. Michigan: 37-13 (Last week ranked 13)
Losing the series at home vs. Indiana and the Wolverines’ luster is starting to fade.
20. Arizona State: 35-14 (Last week ranked 12)
Started undefeated but the Sun Devils have cooled lately and drop another weekend series, this time to Nebraska
21. Illinois: 34-16 (Last week unranked)
Swept Purdue and could be trouble for someone come regionals
22. Missouri 34-18-1 (Last week ranked 24)
Losing two of three to Vandy on the road and there is no shame in that.
23. Florida State: 34-18 (Last week ranked 17)
The Seminoles swept Richmond at home but got shutout in their own yard mid-week vs. Stetson
24. Tennessee: 35-17 (Last week ranked 25)
Beat Florida twice to take the series and earn a berth into the SEC tournament
25. Ole Miss: 32-20 (Last week ranked 18)
Swept by Mississippi State in your own yard and the Rebels are on the verge of dropping out completely

Dropped out:

Clemson: 30-22 (Last week ranked 21)
Lost the series to NC State on the road and lost to Presbyterian College on a mid-week

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