Cal State Omaha was created as a way to pay tribute to the rich tradition and history of Cal State Fullerton’s baseball team and their consistent appearances in the College World Series.

The city of Omaha has played host to the College World Series since 1950, starting at Rosenblatt Stadium and has since moved to the downtown TD Ameritrade Park in 2011. The City of Omaha and its residents have embraced the College World Series and the name Omaha has become synonymous with the College World Series. Ask any college baseball player their goal for the season and one word will all leave their lips… “Omaha”.

Cal State Fullerton has made 18 trips to Omaha and has won the national championship in four separate decades: 1979, 1984, 1995 and 2004. Due to this consistency of making appearances at the College World Series, many local residents dubbed the Titans “Cal State Omaha”. The locals consider Fullerton to be the home team because the Titans have been to Omaha so many times.

Originally CalStateOmaha.com was created and first published on the web as a means to sell T-shirts in 2010. Two former Cal State Fullerton Football players thought it would be fun to have shirts that said “Cal State Omaha” on the front and with the years the Titans advanced to the College World Series, highlighting the the championship years, on the back.

Keep in mind, in 2010, getting two t-shirts custom printed was highly expensive with graphics design fees, set up fees, cost of materials, etc. A cost effective way to print custom shirts was to make a minimum run of 100 shirts in order to reduce costs. We did just that and setting up a website to sell them in order to reclaim the capital invested was the driving force in creating the Cal State Omaha web presence. Our focus has shifted since trying to reclaim money spent on printed Cal State Omaha shirts.

Since 2010, the Cal State Fullerton Titan Baseball team has visited Omaha twice (2015 & 2017) and the original run of shirts have been long sold out. We continue to make the Cal State Omaha shirts due to high demand but the focus of the Cal State Omaha website has transitioned to a blog supporting and reporting on Titan Baseball.

The main focus of Cal State Omaha is to support and inform from a fan’s perspective. We want nothing more than the Titan Baseball team to experience success, go to Omaha, win another College World Series and for the players within the program to continue their pursuit of their dream. We understand that not all Titan Baseball players will get drafted by professional baseball. And for those undrafted Titan Baseball players, we wish them nothing but success in their future endeavors in the business world, as husbands, as fathers and as Titan alumni wherever their path takes them.

The mantra of “once a Titan, always a Titan” holds true today and every day. Win or lose, Cal State Omaha stands by this tradition rich college baseball program and wants nothing more than another trip to Omaha.

Disclaimer: Cal State Omaha is in no way affiliated, associated with or endorsed by California State University Fullerton, the Cal State Fullerton Athletic Department or Titan Baseball. We just love the Titans and want everyone to know that Omaha in June belongs to the Titan Baseball team.