Podcast Interview with Jason Dietrich

Listen to the 1544 Miles to Omaha Podcast interview with Head Coach Jason Dietrich as he discusses his coaching mentors, his choice of coaching staff and previews the Titan Baseball Fall Ball Season.

This episode of the 1544 Miles to Omaha Podcast features a one-on-one sit down interview with the sixth head baseball coach in Cal State Fullerton’s Division 1 history, Jason Dietrich. We spoke to Coach Dietrich briefly after his introductory press conference in July and you can hear his comments by going back to Episode 40 that was published on July 1st. Coach Dietrich was also a guest on the “Fram and Friends” podcast hosted by Cal State Fullerton President Fram Virjee in September. We would highly recommend listening to that one to gain more knowledge about the man that will be leading the Titan Baseball program this coming season and into the future.

In this interview, we will get to know Coach Dietrich more in depth about his coaching philosophy, which coaches influenced him the most as an assistant coach and what aspects of those coaches will he take into being a head coach.

Highlights include:

🎙️ Transitioning into Head Coaching role (3:30)
🎙️ Importance of maintaining Titan alumni involved (6:08)
🎙️ Influence of Don Sneddon on his coaching style (7:36)
🎙️ Influence of Mike Gilespie on his coaching style (9:10)
🎙️ Influence of Rick Vanderhook on his coaching style (11:02)
🎙️ Influence of George Horton on his coaching style (12:25)
🎙️ Influence of Cliff Godwin on his coaching style (14:13)
🎙️ Balancing head coaching duties while also in charge of pitchers (16:34)
🎙️ Use of baseball analytics to help players (20:38)
🎙️ Perspective on hiring Josh Belovsky to staff (23:36)
🎙️ Perspective on hiring Neil Walton to staff (26:55)
🎙️ Perspective on Danny Benendetti as Volunteer Assistant (29:24)
🎙️ Creating new position for Jake Pavletich on staff (31:30)
🎙️ Preview on Fall Practices officially starting (33:38)
🎙️ Fall Ball practices should be open to public (37:59)
🎙️ Season schedule spoilers (39:53)

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To listen to previous episodes, visit the 1544 Miles to Omaha Podcast page and click on the episode you may have missed.

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